Serving unaccompanied women and families with children experiencing homelessness, Cathedral Center is in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.

Juxtaposed against a landscape of high-rise condominiums and office buildings housing our community’s most affluent, our shelter provides a safe environment for our community’s most insecure to heal and receive the services they require to set and achieve goals.

Cathedral Center serves up to 28 unaccompanied women and 8 families with children in emergency shelter for up to 90 days and 4 unaccompanied women and 8 families with children in flexible housing for up to 2 years. Families include single mothers, single fathers, two parent households, and multigenerational amalgamations.

Today, a combination of full- and part-time staff, comprised of nearly 40 skilled and compassionate individuals, implement the comprehensive programs that include emergency shelter services and the flexible housing program at Friendship House of Milwaukee as well as shelter and community case management and a workforce development program known formally as Cathedral Center’s Women’s Independence Program.

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