If you are currently a client participating in a Cathedral Center program, please see your Case Manager for more information on the Child & Family Services program and when services are available.

Cathedral Center’s Child & Family Services Program offers on-site care so clients can focus on utilizing our supportive services and achieving their goals. The program also offers group activities, support and education for parents, and educational activities outside of school hours. Cathedral Center gives families peace of mind by having somewhere onsite for their children that provides the benefits of a structured and interactive learning environment.

This program is available ONLY to current Cathedral Center clients. Parents/children who are not currently participating in regular Cathedral Center programming are not eligible to participate in this program.



As stated above, participation in Cathedral Center’s Child & Family Services program is available ONLY to current Cathedral Center clients. Clients staying at Cathedral Center’s emergency shelter, Friendship House or participating in Cathedral Center’s Community Case Management program are eligible to participate. This program is not available to parents/children who are not currently participating in regular Cathedral Center programming.


In Summer of 2021, Cathedral Center hired an internal candidate from our Case Management Team, who has 10+ years of direct-care and leadership experience in early childhood care and education, to lead the program as the Child & Family Services Coordinator.

Program Space

The new multi-purpose program space, located at our Emergency Shelter, includes a developmentally appropriate play area for younger children where they can do their homework, take a nap, or play with friends while their parent(s) attend services in another place within the building. The interactive space provides an excellent environment for the promotion of positive play and healthy social, emotional interactions but also allows for skill building classes and educational support.


We would like to thank our local partner, Bader Philanthropies, and the Day 1 Families Fund for providing the funding necessary to launch this program. We also wish to recognize Crossroads Presbyterian Church as the program’s first philanthropic partner. We greatly appreciate your generosity and support!


Drop-In Care

The primary purpose of drop-in care is to provide short-term, on-site care for children so parents can participate in services with case managers, employment staff or attend to other personal matters such as virtual meetings. Getting back to a place of self-sufficiency is difficult for any family experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis and can be made even more challenging when parent(s) focus is divided as they attend to children. Drop-in care creates a supportive environment that enables parents to focus on goals they need to accomplish to end their homeless experience.

Family Support Classes

Family Support Classes focus on parenting/family dynamics that help to build skills, offer support, and empower the families in any way needed.

Child & Family Engagement

Child & Family Engagement activities focus on bringing parents and children together to engage in activities that are educational and fun for the whole family! Many CCI clients have experienced some form of trauma and fun family activities can be a great way to build family bonds and provide a healthy distraction from the thoughts of previous trauma they may have experienced.

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